Is faith for me?

Probably every human has asked “why am I here?” Faith for some people helps explore that question.

First of all, it is okay to ask questions, it’s okay to not know if you believe. For all of us it’s a journey. No-one has all the answers but talking about faith can be an interesting and valuable experience, wherever you end up.

Try the online guide about the basics of what being a Christian means.

Stories from real people

Alpha is a series of sessions that you can do online or in person. It provides an opportunity to explore faith, ask questions and discuss your thoughts.

PFC normally run an Alpha course once per year visit our Alpha page to find out more.

It’s interesting to hear from other people about their experiences, so check out the videos on the Alpha Stories page.

Come along

Whatever stage you are at on your faith journey we would love to have you join us at any of our services or events. So please have a look at the what’s on or contact us to find out more.